Warm Congratulations on the Successful Registration of HAIDA Mascot Trademark

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Recently, the mascot trademark of Sichuan Tire & Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. had passed the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office in accordance with the conditions and procedures stipulated by law. It has been successfully registered, protected by law, and enjoyed the exclusive right of mascot trademark. The successful registration of the mascot trademark not only protects the long-term development of the company's brand, but also more effectively prevents counterfeiters and protects the company's brand rights and interests by legal means.

Like the logo, mascot is an effective way for companies to promote their brands outward. If logo design is a company's symbol, then mascot is the hands of the company, which allows the company to hold others tightly, to have an emotional relationship with others, and to help the company welcome guests. The company's mascot is based on the largest creature in the ocean, blue whale. The blue whale has the spirit of advancing forward and endless vitality. This is the spiritual appearance of HAIDA people, and the sense of weight of the blue whale itself echoes the corporate culture of HAIDA Group. The design of the mascot borrows the shape of the blue whale and adopts an anthropomorphic approach, highlighting a powerful and friendly HAIDA Group.

As an intangible asset of an enterprise, the trademark plays a vital role in the development of the enterprise. Today's brand war is becoming more and more fierce. The fun image of the blue whale mascot is a window for HAIDA Group to communicate with customers through perceptions. Its advertising attributes are weakened, the brand image can better penetrate into the hearts of the people, and it is also an invisible protective hand for the brand, which can effectively prevent unfair market competition and monopolistic behavior.



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