Bring New Products to Attack Yangcheng Highlighting the Charm of Chinese Manufacturing

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Bring New Products to Attack Yangcheng
Highlighting the Charm of Chinese Manufacturing
On April 15-19, 2019, the 125th China-Guangzhou Commodity Exchange Expo was held in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center as the backbone of high-end national brands.
Sichuan Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. in the five-day Canton Fair feast, with high-tech, high-quality, differentiated tire products, the image fully shows the charm of China's high-end manufacturing, once again conquered the domestic and foreign appearance exhibition customers.
In this Canton Fair, our company carries its own brands, HAIDA, mileking and TIANFU, the three international leading brands, high-end series products strong landing in Guangzhou. Tire products covering the global regional market, such as the HD828 semi-steel white tires, high-performance run-flat tires, MT/RT super off-road tires and boutique bias tires, are attracting attention. The ultra-high performance run-flat tire HD927 is a high-quality tire product with anti-static, low rolling resistance, low gas-deficient performance, high handling and high-tech storage. HD828 white tire series are excellent representative of the SUV series, AT tread design and sidewall white decorative effect complement each other. MT/RT ultra-high performance off-road series, excellent wear resistance and puncture resistance, the product reputation is world-renowned. The high-end winter tire series is also the business card of our company: the studded winter tire series, the four season tire series, the C series winter tires and the ordinary series winter tires, which have achieved full coverage of the world's cold latitude tires, and the high top formula design makes the tires are still full of muscles in the snow and ice. As a representative of high wear resistance and strong load bearing, the premium bias tire TF301 is well-known in China and enjoys a good reputation in Southeast Asia. The high-quality products are combined with the simple atmospheric, unique shape and exquisite craftsmanship of 36 square meters of hardcover booth design. Once they are unveiled, they will surprise visitors from all over the world and attract friends from home and abroad to stop and negotiate.
In this exhibition, the business ability of the four marketing elites from our company also won the praise of customers, collecting 158 business cards, confirming 10 new cooperation customers and more than 20 potential customers.
As the oldest in China, the Canton Fair is the world's largest and world's most famous international trade fair. As an excellent state-owned national tire company in China, our company has been exhibiting for many years. On the one hand, it is to enhance the international image and brand value of the company on a world-class platform, enhance the influence of the world, and pave the way for the company to go to the first echelon of international tire enterprises. At the same time, it is also to show the charm of Chinese manufacturing, and to bring first-rate tires of high quality to the world's customers.
For many years, Sichuan Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. has been committed to strengthening the international layout, continue to be market-oriented, adhere to the core values of customer first, people-oriented, pursuit of excellence, long-term interests, and continue to develop more high-quality tires with international advanced level to meet the needs of customers around the world.

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