Brand Leadership and Market Development

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Brand Leadership and Market Development

In November 2018, the 56th Las Vegas International Modified Car Exhibition ended successfully. Zhang Junwei, deputy general manager of Haida Group, led the team to participate in the exhibition and visited the US customers, which has achieved fruitful results.

The Las Vegas International Modified Car Show (SEMA) is the world's leading professional automobile and motorcycle modification event. It brings together the most advanced technology and the best-selling products in the automotive industry, and has valuable market resources. The unlimited business opportunities and profits it has created have attracted more than 100,000 auto industry exhibitors from more than 100 countries around the world.

Through more than ten years of overseas market expansion, Haida Group has formed a good brand influence. Many foreign customers had come here to admire our company's product quality and booth design. At this exhibition, Haida Group received more than 100 new and old customers, and had extensive exchanges with customers in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Dominica, Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Canada, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and other countries. By giving customers a detailed introduction to the history, product features and availability of the Haida Group, the customer had a better understanding of the company. At the same time, through the exchanges with customers and research on other company products at the exhibition, the main needs of the current market were understood. And the development trend of new tire products had provided a good market foundation and technology accumulation for the company to further expand its overseas business.

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